Het FFL project helpt de boeren in Malawi maïs te verbouwen met een betere opbrengst. Dit project richt zich op voedselzekerheid en economische zelfstandigheid.

Food for Life


So much to do there

Together with Jan van Werven, director of real estate and project development at Van Werven, Bo Teerling traveled to Malawi for two weeks in 2015. Jan van Werven was at the helm of the Van Werven family business from Oldebroek for years. Bo Teerling called on Van Werven’s many years of experience to get the most out of your compost. Jan chooses to travel with him to Malawi and he immediately saw a solution for so many things. In two weeks time they spoke with 1,000 farmers who advised Jan about making compost, among other things. “I don’t really want to go to Malawi
”, says Jan.“ I thought I should donate money instead of spending on such a trip. But afterwards I have no regrets. I really feel that I was able to do something. We have every
day usefully spent. “The handy thing farmers in Malawi need is knowledge. But without money you don’t get the knowledge there either.

What Jan van Werven has the most is famine. “In two weeks, appointments were canceled three times because someone died of hunger. The difference between poor and
rich is also very big here. And yet, the people were happy. They sing, thank the Lord and dance. I applaud the work of The art of Charity and I expected these people to do without our help in the long run can turn red. “

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