Het FFL project helpt de boeren in Malawi maïs te verbouwen met een betere opbrengst. Dit project richt zich op voedselzekerheid en economische zelfstandigheid.

Food for Life


Plans 2021

Corona is everywhere. Although the number of deaths in Malawi ‘on paper’ is not that bad, the poorest countries have the hardest to endure because Malawi is very dependent on donor countries. Despite corona, it is not standing still in Malawi and many farmers are working hard to achieve the best possible harvest. We help and train each other. For example, we work with novice participants, for them the priority is to avoid hunger and advanced ones are able to realize a good harvest with their own compost. But the price for the harvest is low. And thus the farmers remain trapped in the grip of poverty.

If our new set-up for advanced participants is to have a chance of success, we will therefore have to offer a solution to this problem. We find an example of this solution in our own Dutch history. The name of Sicco Mansholt is linked to that example. In the period after the Second World War he was Minister of Agriculture for a number of cabinet periods. The minister then introduced a system of fixed prices for cereals and milk. This has made the Netherlands the most productive and largest exporter of food. It was a unique and very effective system, as farmers could calculate in advance what yield they would receive at which crop result.

That is why we are introducing Mansholt in Malawi.

The objective is that by 2024 so much own capacity has been built up that the project can be managed and expanded profitably without financial help from the Netherlands

Download here our plans: Projectplan 2021-2024 def funding


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