Het FFL project helpt de boeren in Malawi maïs te verbouwen met een betere opbrengst. Dit project richt zich op voedselzekerheid en economische zelfstandigheid.

Food for Life


Happy Birthday Desire en Unity

Desire and Unity, two of Rodney’s children, have their birthday and are healthy. Congratulations. We are happy with them.


Thanks to teacher Rodney’s question in 2009 to ”help my people and my country” to Bo Teerling, the Food For Life the project has started. In April 2012, Bo wenth to Malawi for a month with his wife Dity to investigate what they could do. In the bush, away from the asphalt road, they learned a little bit how people live, think and act. They “stayed” with Rodney and his wife Alice

With coaching from Bo, Rodney has grown into a very good director, who knows how it works and can manage it well. He now manages 3,000 farmers and is an expert in organizing. He is also head of a school with 600 students.

“Rodney and Alice have taught us an awful lot. Whenever we visit Malawi we come to them. There is chatting every day. ” Thus Bo. “Rodney and Alice have become true friends with whom we share a lot of things. They have 5 children. Sibogwe, Rose and Marumbo. When the youngest was 8 years old, they had twins: Desire and Unity. ”


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